Northern Pilgrim

Part of the Pilgrim Cross Family of Pilgrimages

Northern Pilgrim is a pilgrimage to Walsingham which takes place every year during Holy Week. (We are also known as Northern Leg of Pilgrim Cross). Starting in Keyworth in Nottinghamshire for seven days we walk as a group carrying a cross. We receive hospitality from local churches along the way, we are fed, given places to sleep, prayers and support.

Northern Pilgrim is a community which exists all year round. Our annual pilgrimage is an intense experience which often builds friendships and a deep sense of community. Throughout the year we gather for a variety of events.

We attempt to reflect on who we are as a part of the church. What does it mean to be a pilgrim church, or a church of pilgrims?

We are a an ecumenical christian community including members from several different denomination, those searching, and those of no fixed denominational abode.

If you would like to find out more, or join us for our pilgrimage or for another event, then please get in touch.