Holy Week 2021

Once again we are not able to walk in our usual way. So we are taking our pilgrimage online.

Join us for a week of community, prayer and inspiration. Through Holy Week we will meet regularly on zoom for a mixture of prayer and social events, attempting to create a sense of togetherness and community as we journey.

We welcome people from different church traditions, and those who are open to and exploring questions of faith. While some of us are deeply committed to our Christian life, others are clinging to our faith or our churches by our finger-tips.

Together we aim to create a safe space to explore; doubts, questions and an acknowledgment of our struggles are welcome. Different members of the group share the role of creating and leading liturgy, so this also reflects the diversity of our church traditions.

There will also be lots of space for fun. Through the week we will gather for a quiz, a party-piece evening and each evening for informal chat.

As we get to know each other, we hope to become a real community. It is a community which forms and reforms each year, and there IS space for you.

To register simply click the button below and choose Northern on the registration form.

Cost: Free

Friday 28 March – Monday 5 April

Everything will be on zoom


7.00pm: Opening Liturgy and welcome session, followed by informal social time.


10.00am: Morning Prayer
7.30pm: Quiz
followed by informal social time


4.30pm: Time of prayer with people from the places we would usually visit.
8.00pm: informal social time


9.00am: Morning Prayer
7.30pm: Party Piece Evening
followed by informal social time


9.00am: Morning Prayer
8.00pm: Informal social time


9.00am: Morning Prayer
1.00pm: Lunch
8.00pm: Joint liturgy with Midland Leg
followed by social time with Midland Leg

Maundy Thursday

9.00am: Morning Prayer
7.30pm: Maundy Thursday Liturgy
9.00pm: Informal social time

Good Friday

9.00am: Beginning of Good Friday liturgy. We will meet regularly (most hours) through the day for stations.
11am: Weasenham Mile and Pooh Sticks
9.00pm: Informal social time

Holy Saturday

8.00pm: Informal social time

Easter Sunday

Afternoon: Northern leg AGM, and election of leader for 2022.
Evening: Paschal Party


9am: Letting go liturgy.
the end!

Northern Pilgrim is part of the Student and Pilgrim Cross Family of Pilgrimages

Some photos of what our pilgrimage normally looks like! Hopefully we will be walking again in 2022

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